23rd September 2021

Flyer CLEM


We are happy to host Felix Gaedke and Thomas Müller-Reichert as our CLEM experts in our latest edition of Ask the Experts!

The Ask the Expert series is a free online event for GerBI and MaxBI members and their colleagues, core facility staff and users, … The format is completely open and encourages questions and discussions with and between experts and participants. Please feel free to ask us all the questions that come to your mind, and if you like, questions can be handed in already before the event (which gives our experts the opportunity to prepare an answer):


31st August 2021

Zarr and GerBI Logo

We are pleased to announce that Josh Moore and German BioImaging-GMB e.V. have received a grant from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative for the support of Zarr as a bioimaging format. Official press release

19th August 2021

Article imaging and microscopy

Our new article in Imaging & Microscopy is published in a print version!

DOI: 10.1002/was.0004000160



27th July 2021

Invited Speaker TiM2022

Invited speakers for TiM2022 confirmed 

All our invited speakers confirmed to join us at TiM2022 next year. Thank you all so much! We are looking forward to the talks and discussions. For more details for TiM2022, please see here.


14th June, 2021



New joint GerBI and MaxBI online event

Join us for our new online event together with Max-Planck BioImaging. During this interview-style event, you can ask us any questions about STED microscopy which come to your mind. Don't hesitate to upload questions and images already in advance!

20th May 2021



Call for workshop for TiM2022 now open!

TiM2022 will hopefully happen in person again, so we are already collecting workshop applications for TiM2022, which will take place from 21.-25.3.2022 in Münsingen. Workshop application is open until 31.7.2021.

15th May 2021


Save the date - Core Facility Leadership and Management Course with hfp consulting!

We are pleased to announce the 2021 Core Facility Leadership and Management Course by GerBI-GMB and hfp consulting. The 2021 course will be held as eight half-day sessions in the online format.


7th May 2021

Flyer GerBI Chat Corona

We invite all our members to our GerBI Chat on 28.5.2021, 13:00-15:00. Following last year’s paper (, we’ll have an open discussion about core facilities during the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic. For details, please contact Janina.


25th January 2021

Dr. Janina Hanne














GerbI-GMB has a new Managing Director!

After several months of vacancy, we are happy to announce that Dr. Janina Hanne will take over the office of the Managing Director of GerBI-GMB starting 1. March 2021. Janina is an experienced microscopist who obtained her PhD in Stefan Hell´s group and has been working since then for Abberior Instruments. You can meet Janina at the GerBI-GMB Virtual Community Meeting, 9 -11. March, 2021.

Welcome on board, Janina!

22th January 2021

Bowling in Mainz 2019


10th GerBI-GMB Annual Community Meeting 2021 - Registration open!

Registration is now open for the GerBI-GMB Annual Community Meeting 2021, 9-11 March. Due to the current pandemic situation the meeting will be online and is co-organized by Steffen Dietzel, Core Facility Bioimaging at the Biomedical Center of the LMU Munich ("local host"). This meeting series, formerly known as the "Fulda-Meeting", was founded in 2010 and is the come-together of GerBI-GMB members and interested imaging scientists from academia and industry.


Nature Technology feature highlights core facility careers


Nature Technology Feature on “Core curriculum: Learning to manage a shared microscopy facility” ( is describing the unique blend of skills required to run technological wonderlands like imaging core facilities. Several facility managers have been interviewed - among them Roland Nitschke, one of the German BioImaging initiators and GerBI board member. Moreover, GerBI’s well-established yearly Core-Facility Management and Leadership Course run since 2013 is referred to along with the job shadowing program. The image shows a training session at "Trends in Microscopy- German Bioimaging Spring School" held in March 2020 in Münsingen (  

28th October 2020


The position of the coordinator of German BioImaging is still available. Apply now!

Deadline: 7. December 2020

please download the job ad here.

14 August 2020


Image: Mende


Core Facility Leadership and Management Course 2020 - Deadline extended to 31 August 2020!

The course is held by GerBI-GMB and hfp consulting 2020.

More information an registration here.

22 July 2020

Good By Nadine

Managing Director Dr. Nadine Utz leaves GerBI-GMB. We are looking for a new MD!

Nadine leaves GerBI-GMB and moves on to the next professional challenge starting on Aug.1. She has played a key role in German BioImaging since its foundation as a DFG-funded network in 2012 and has successfully steered the transition to the Society for Microscopy and Image Analysis in 2017. We thank Nadine for her outstanding support and dedication and wish her the best of luck in her new job!

The office of GerBI-GMB is temporarily vacant. If you are interested in becoming the Managing Director of GerBI-GMB please download the job ad here.

8th JULY 2020

Image Corona Virus

Recommendations for operating Core Facilities in a research environment during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic have been accepted by the journal Cytometry Part A. Further information can be found on the Corona web site of German BioImaging.


20th APRIL 2020

Image confocal microscope principle (CC BY-SA 3.0 Danh at German Wikipedia)

A new complilation of online training material with a list of tutorials, webinars, software licences etc. is now available on

13th APRIL 2020

Image Corona Virus

Revised recommendations for operating Core Facilities in a research environment during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic have been endorsed by the DGE, German Society for Electron Microscopy, the DGZ, German Society for Cell Biology and the DGfZ, German Society for Cytometry.

17th FEBRUARY 2020

Image Microscopy class room

Digital class room for microscopy in Dresden inaugurated: Since 2017 the Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform team has taught pupils on a regular basis and introduced them to the microcosmos of e.g. tardigrades which otherwise would have remained hidden to them. A class room set of 15 modern microscopes were donated by Carl Zeiss AG. By this, pupils from various schools will have access to high-performence microscopy.

6th FEBRUARY 2020


Reichenau Island
Image: Mende


Registration is now open for the next Core Facility Leadership and Management Course by GerBI-GMB and hfp consulting, 24 - 28 May 2020 on Reichenau Island closeby Konstanz (Germany).

10th NOVEMBER 2019

Logo Euro-BioImaging


The European Commission has officially established Euro-BioImaging – which provides life scientists with open access to a broad range of technologies and resources in biological and biomedical imaging – as a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC).

With its ERIC status, Euro-BioImaging is now legally recognised as a European research infrastructure for biological and biomedical imaging. Euro-BioImaging offers life scientists open access to imaging instruments, expertise, training opportunities, and data management services that they do not find at their home institutions or among their collaboration partners through its internationally renowned facilities, called Nodes. These Nodes are distributed across Euro-BioImaging’s 15 founding members: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, EMBL, Finland, France, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, and the UK. Belgium will participate as an observer.

9th JANUARY 2020

Photo Albgut

Registration is now open to: Trends in Microscopy 2020 - German BioImaging Spring School, 9-13 March 2020, Albgut Altes Lager, Münsingen.

 "Trends in Microscopy" (TiM), the biennial conference of GerBI-GMB, changes format! In 2020, TiM-GerBI-GMB Spring School will be an intense microscopy training camp offering hands-on workshops as well as scientific talks from distinguished guest speakers.


4th OCTOBER 2019

Image WDR visiting Bioimaging Center

A WDR "Die Sendung mit der Maus" television crew visited the Bioimaging Center at University of Konstanz, and also MDR Sachsenspiegel reported about BioDIP, two of the German BioImaging microscopy centers which participated in the Maus Türöffner-Tag on 3rd of October.

Image MDR visiting BioDIP at Maus Türöffner-Tag 2019

2nd OCTOBER 2019

German BioImaging microscopy centers throughout Germany participate in the Maus Türöffner-Tag on 3rd of October, and will give children an insight into the world of the very small - the microcosmos. All places for more than 150 children are fully booked.

This year, "Die Sendung mit der Maus" (The Show with the Mouse) team of WDR will send a television crew to University of Konstanz, and also BioDIP will be visited on the anniversary of German reunification by MDR.

Participating institutes are: BioDIP at TU Dresden, Center for Systems Biology Dresden at MPI for Cell Biology and Genetics, Life Imaging Center at University of Freiburg, Bioimaging Center at University of Konstanz, Combinatorial Neuroimaging at Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology Magdeburg, and Light Microscopy Facility at MPI for Developmental Biology in Tübingen.

13th SEPTEMBER 2019

Image News IVMic Day

Save the date: The Day of Intravital Microscopy will take place on 25 - 26 November 2019 in Marburg. It provides an opportunity to exchange information, and to discuss and network with other participants who work in the field of intravital microscopy.

16th AUGUST 2019

Image MIAP-Workshop

The Microscopy and Image Analysis Platform (MIAP) in Freiburg organizes a workshop on 21-22 October, which will provide all scientists and students with the proper tools and knowledge to avoid common pitfalls, to spot imaging fraud, and to prepare sound images to prevent fraud.

Scientific fraud has become a serious concern in life sciences, as in all segments of science. Microscopic image presentation is a serious and, unfortunately, common source of fraud in life science publications. As image editing is commonplace during data analysis and presentation, even unwanted changes quickly lead to irregular and often illegal figures.

Please find further information on the web page of the workshop.

31 JULY 2019

Photo Albgut

Save the date: Trends in Microscopy 2020 - German BioImaging Spring School, 9-13 March 2020, Albgut Altes Lager, Münsingen.

 "Trends in Microscopy" (TiM), the biennial conference of GerBI-GMB, changes format! In 2020, TiM-GerBI-GMB Spring School will be an intense microscopy training camp offering hands-on workshops, introductory lectures as well as scientific talks from distinguished guest speakers. Imaging scientists who are experts in their field will teach a variety of microscopy methods. The program will also cover fundamentals of optics and practical sessions on image analysis. Participants will reside at the conference site, a nicely renovated ancient military base immersed in the unspoiled landscape of the Biosphere Reserve Swabian Alb, for the whole duration of the event. TiM2020 addresses in particular Ph.D. students and Postdocs.
The Call for workshop providers is now open. Deadline for proposals is 30 September 2019. If you are interested in organizing a microscopy workshop or other educational session, please find further information and the application form in this document.


11th JULY 2019

Image Visit of Chinese Delegation

A delegation from one of China's major science infrastructure projects, the National Project of Multi-mode, Multi-scale Biomedical Imaging, visited the German BioImaging office on 11 July 2019.

2nd JULY 2019

News: Bioimage Archive


The Bioimage Archive has been announced today by EMBL-EBI. The BioImage Archive stores and distributes biological images that are useful to life-science researchers.

EMBL-EBI has been collaborating with the wider bioimaging community to address some of these challenges. Pilot projects coordinated by EMBL-EBI, such as EMPIAR, and collaborations such as the Cell- and Tissue- Image Data Resource (IDR), have laid the groundwork for the creation of the BioImage Archive. The project has been made possible through capital support from a recent Strategic Priority Fund award from UK Research and Innovation.

6th JUNE 2019

Image Cologen-Omero-Meeting

CECAD Cologne organises an OMERO-Meeting on 13 - 14 June in Cologne. Please find a link with information in the German BioImaging Course Calendar.

18th JANUARY 2019

Mainz Panorama
Image: Arcalino / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0


Registration is open to the GerBI-GMB Core Facility Managers Meeting 2019 , 27 - 29 March in Mainz. The Meeting is catered for individuals managing or working in imaging or image analysis core facilities and is co-organized by Sandra Ritz of the Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB). This meeting series, formerly known as the German BioImaging Annual Community Meeting (or the "Fulda-Meeting"), was founded in 2010 and has since then taken place annually.

7th JANUARY 2019


Reichenau Island
Image: Mende


Registration is open to the GerBI-GMB Core Facility Management Course , 24 - 28 June 2019 on Reichenau Island closeby Konstanz (Germany).

10th DECEMBER 2018


DFG approved funding for 13 optical microscopes at German universities. The call is based, among others, on a proposal submitted by GerBI-GMB Core Facility Managers within a call for major instrumentation initiatives. DFG invited applications for highly developed but not yet widely established optical microscopy technologies as part of a major instrumentation initiative in January 2018. The call, entitled “Innovative, Experimental Optical Microscopes for Research”, attracted considerable interest from universities, with a total of 50 proposals received..

12th OCTOBER 2018

Thanks to the six microscopy centers which opened their doors to more than 200 children as part of the Maus Türöffner-Tag on 3rd of October initiated by the TV-show Sendung mit der Maus. Participating cities were: Münster, Freiburg, Konstanz, Göttingen, Magdeburg, and Dresden.

3rd SEPTEMBER 2018

ESFRI, the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures, has granted Euro-BioImaging the Landmark status of "European Research Infrastructure for Imaging Technologies in Biological and Biomedical Sciences"

20th AUGUST 2018

CORBEL, EMBL, German BioImaging-Gesellschaft für Mikroskopie und Bildanalyse and NEUBIAS are delighted to announce a joint blended learning course on Machine Learning for Image Analysis, consisting of three online sessions with associated hands-on exercises prior to the workshop, a three day face-to-face workshop at EMBL Heidelberg (29-31 October 2018) and two optional online sessions with associated hands-on exercises after the workshop.