The German BioImaging – Gesellschaft für Mikroskopie und Bildanalyse e.V (GerBI-GMB, Society for Microscopy and Image Analysis) was founded as a registered non-profit association on April 28, 2017 in Konstanz, Germany. The statutes define the society’s governance and structure and were signed at the GerBI-GMB founding assembly.


  • General Assemby – Represents the highest level of decision making within the society and decides on general framework in a yearly meeting.

  • Board – Legal representative(s) of the association. Responsible for day-to-day work and operating within the general framework.

  • Advisory Board – Includes company, scientific and core facility representatives who provide advice to the Board.

  • Teams – Member’s working groups, exchange, networking, learning. More information can be found in our teams section.

  • Office – Manages the society’s interest and legal matters. Please feel free to contact the office if you have questions.

GerBI-GMB promotes gender equality in all its teams and legal entities. The GerBI-GMB gender equality plan can be found here.

The Board

The board was elected for a two year period at the General Assembly of the Society on March 6, 2024. Only individuals or representatives of institutional members can be elected to the board. The board legally represents the association and is responsible for day-to-day work within the guidelines of the statutes and the general assembly.

Stefanie Weidtkamp-Peters
Stefanie Weidtkamp-Peters Chair woman

Hella Hartmann
Hella HartmannVice Chair
Stefan Terjung
Stefan TerjungTreasurer

Bastian HülsmannVice Treasurer
Christian Feldhaus
Christian FeldhausSecretary
Friederike Kessel
Friederike KesselVice Secretary & YMIA Representative
Elisa D'Este
Elisa D'Este

The Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is open to individual and corporate members, who are elected by the General Assembly.

Ralf Palmisano
Ralf PalmisanoSpeaker
Elisa May
Elisa May Co-Speaker
Christian Kukat
Christian Kukat

Bettina Weigelin
Bettina Weigelin
Martin Kiesel
Martin Kiesel
Tobias Kleinhenz
Tobias Kleinhenz
Herbert Schaden
Herbert Schaden
Björn Sieberer

Managing Director

The GerBI-GMB Managing Director position is kindly sponsored by the Carl-Zeiss Foundation.

Janina Hanne
Janina Hanne Managing Director

Header image: Drosophila melanogaster egg chamber preparation. Actin cytoskeleton with depth coding. Olympus FV3000, Thomas Zobel, CAi HHU