This workgroup was founded in 2016 during the 7th GerBi Annual Community Meeting in Fulda.

We foster and enable a professional exchange and interaction between scientists and facility staff performing intravital microscopy. We enable networking, knowledge transfer as well as a professional platform for specific issues in the field of intravital microscopy.

intravital techniques


Previous Events

2018: 1st Day of Mouse Intravital Microscopy (Dresden)

2019: 2nd Day of Intravital Microscopy (Marburg)

2021: Virtual user meeting – Ask a Colleague

2022: Virtual user meeting – Ask a Colleague

2023: 3rd Day of Intravital Microscopy (Magdeburg)

Latest News

4th Day of Intravital Microscopy 2024 in Leuven (Belgium)
safe the date: 13th and 14th of November

Who we are

Team Speakers

Team Members

Hellen Ishikawa-Ankerhold
Hellen Ishikawa-AnkerholdSpeaker
Christiane PeukertCo-Speaker

Ioannis Alexopoulos

David Fleck

Hans Fried

Michael Gerlach

Gerhard Holst

Max Nobis

Katrin Roth

Clemens Schneider

Bettina Stolp

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Contact us

ivmic -Team: wg-ivmic[at]gerbi-gmb.de

Mailing list: ivmic-germanbioimaging[at]lists.gwdg.de

New members are always welcome!

Regular meetings

Time: 2:30 -3:30 pm

Date: 1st Wednesday in a month

Location: Online