Mission and Activities

The GerBI FLIM group aims to raise awareness about the opportunities provided by Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM) microscopy to the life science community. Projects towards this goal are

  • Fostering communication between FLIM enthusiasts
  • Creating a database of fluorescence lifetime measurements
  • Developing educational material on FLIM applications and providing examples where FLIM improves the outcome of experiments or allows new insights. Benefits and limitations; background suppression; “functional imaging”.
  • Developing training contents
  • Organizing workshops (meetings) on FLIM microscopy and contributions to the Trends in Microscopy conferences


German BioImaging (GerBI) provided a forum where several microscopists with interest in FLIM met and started discussions. For 2020, several groups were planning on-site FLIM workshops in Düsseldorf, Dresden and Munich when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, making in-person meetings impossible. The groups teamed up to organize an online event instead, the “Beginners Guide to Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM) in Life Science” which took place in November 2020. The 19 lectures and virtual hands-on sessions were recorded and are available on Youtube (Link to Youtube playlist; Listing at the LMU München). In parallel, the German Bioimaging FLIM group was established and officially launched in March 2021. Further lifetime imagers joined the group over the following months, united by the common interest to advance FLIM microscopy.

Who we are

Team Speakers

Team Members

Steffen Dietzel
Angelika Rück

Ali Gheisari

Gerhard Holst

Sebastian Karpf

Roland Thünauer

Cornelia Wetzker

Werner Zuschratter

Get Involved

The GerBI FLIM group meats once per month per online video meeting, currently on the first Monday of a month at 10:00, except in January where we meet on the second Monday of the month. New members are always welcome, please contact one of the speakers to join.