The aim of our team is to enable the training of users and trainers.

Furthermore, we love to open the exciting fields of optics, microscopy, and image analysis to the public.



Maintaining a rich source of information, teaching materials, course links and other resources is one of our main tasks. We are always on the look out and grateful for any news, tips, and tricks.


Sharing knowledge with our peers in the various communities all over the world is essential and the base for new discoveries.



Evaluating the needs of the GerBI-GMB community is the base for future training and knowledge transfer activities. Our team designs, conducts and analyses regular surveys for this assessment.


Fostering the natural curiosity of children and adults alike in the exciting fields of optics, microscopy and image analysis enables and supports citizen science and is great fun.

Who we are

Team Speakers

Team Members

Sabine Reither
Sabine ReitherSpeaker
Christian Feldhaus
Christian FeldhausCo-Speaker

Stefan Terjung

Christian Feldhaus

Sandra Ritz

Sabrina Ernst

Wiebke Möbius

Silke Tulok

Angela Naumann

Roland Nitschke

Nadine Utz

Britta Schroth-Diez

Christian Schmidt

Ruth Hans

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