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General information

Interested in learning hands-on about the latest microscopy techniques? In the middle of the Swabian Alb together with scientific talks from distinguished guest speakers? Right on the pulse of the latest microscopy developments?

All this is offered at our “Trends in Microscopy”, the biennial conference of GerBI-GMB, alias GerBI-GMB Spring School! With hands-on workshops and scientific lectures by renowned guest speakers, TiM is an intensive microscopy training camp. The programme will also cover the fundamentals of optics as well as practical sessions on image analysis.

Participants will stay at the conference venue, a beautifully renovated former military base in the unspoilt landscape of the Swabian Alb Biosphere Reserve. TiM2025 is particularly aimed at PhD students, postdocs and members of core facilities.

See more impressions here or look on X (#TiM2023).
Stay informed about the event and follow us on X (@GerBI_GMB, #TiM2025).


  • November 2023: The planning for TiM2025 has started!
  • Mid of April till June 30th: Call for workshops.
  • October 2024: Feedback to workshop applications and opening of participants registration


GerBI-GMB invites scientific and educational workshops for TiM2025. Commercial workshops are out of scope of TiM2025. The topic of the workshop can be anything microscopy-related that you can envision, e.g. image data analysis, fundamentals of optics, FRET imaging, clearing techniques, expansion microscopy, image data management… We’ll have a cell culture available during TiM2025, and we’ll organize the microscopes needed for the workshops in close collaboration with you.

Click here for general guidelines on how to run a workshop at TiM2025. The document contains detailed information on the venue, how to deliver equipment and instrumentation you can expect on site.

If you have any questions about the workshops, reach out to: workshops.tim2025@gerbi-gmb.de
This e-mail address redirects to our TiM2025 workshop team:

  • Bastian Hülsmann (JGU Mainz)
  • Christian Feldhaus (MPI Biologie Tübingen)
  • Hella Hartmann (CMCB Dresden)
  • Hubert Bauch (Zeiss)
  • Klara Diester (GerBI-GMB)
  • Roland Nitschke (LIC Freiburg)

Scientific Program Board

  • Jan Huisken (Uni Göttingen)
  • Erin Tranfield (Uni Göttingen)
  • Ulrike Endersfelder (Uni Bonn)
  • Ralph Palmisano (Uni Erlangen)


If you have a general question about the TiM 2025, you can write to: tim2025@gerbi-gmb.de

This e-mail address redirects to the TiM2025 organizing commitee:

  • Angela Naumann (LIC Freiburg)
  • Bastian Hülsmann (JGU Mainz)
  • Barbara Biermann (Uni Bielefeld)
  • Bettina Weigelin (Uni Tübingen)
  • Britta Schroth-Diez (MPI-CBG Dresden)
  • Christian Feldhaus (MPI Biologie Tübingen)
  • Christian Schmidt (DKFZ Heidelberg)
  • Hella Hartmann (CMCB Dresden)
  • Hubert Bauch (Zeiss)
  • Isabelle Rottmann (Uni Tübingen)
  • Janina Hanne & Klara Diester & Josh Moore (GerBI-GMB)
  • Martin Stöckl (Uni Konstanz)
  • Olaf Selchow (Freelance consulting)
  • Ralf Palmisano (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg)
  • Roland Nitschke (LIC Freiburg)
  • Ruth Hans (CMCB Dresden)
  • Silke Tulok (CFCI Dresden)
  • Stefanie Weidtkamp-Peters (CAi Düsseldorf)
  • Thomas Zobel (WWU Münster)
  • Tom Boissonnet (CAi Düsseldorf)
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