NFDI4BIOIMAGE community survey is published

In preparation of the NFDI4BIOIMAGE work programme plans, the NFDI4BIOIMAGE community survey (anonymous) was conducted from June to July 2021. The aim of the survey was to explore the research data management needs in bioimaging in Germany (& beyond).

The survey was run in collaboration with German BioImaging – GMB e.V.

The results of the survey including all original data are available online: Schmidt C, Hanne J, Moore J, Meesters C, Ferrando-May E, Weidtkamp-Peters S, and members of the NFDI4BIOIMAGE initiative: Research data management for bioimaging: The 2021 NFDI4BIOIMAGE community survey. [version 1; peer review: awaiting peer review], F1000Research 2022, 11:638

Image credit: Henning Falk –

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