General Assembly 2022


The GerBI-GMB 2022 general assembly will take place on Monday, March 21, 2022 from 13.30 - 16.30. The Board set the following agenda: 1. welcome and introduction 2. confirmation of the agenda 3. report of the board 4. report of the finance auditors 5. discharge of the board 6. election of the board 7. election [...]

GerBI-GMB & DFG joint online event


Unfortunately, TiM2022 cannot happen in person this year, instead we are happy to announce that GerBI-GMB, in collaboration with DFG, will bring parts of the planned DFG event to the virtual space. Novel experimental light microscopy – online Updates from the DFG Major Instrumentation Initiative Minflux Microscopy | Register here: 23.03.2022 13:30 – 15:30 Christian Eggeling, [...]

Ask the Experts – AI for image analysis


Join us for a new edition of the Ask the Experts series, this time on artificial intelligence for image analysis. We are delightes to welcome our experts Anna Klemm (SciLifeLab) and Robert Haase (TU Dresden). The event is a collaboration between Max-Planck-BioImaging and GerBI-GMB. It is open to GerBI & MaxBI members, and their lab [...]

GerBI Chat – Maus Türöffner Tag


The "Maus Türöffner Tag" is a yearly event on October 3rd organised by WDR (a German broadcasting channel, It allows kids of all ages to explore different work places from various disciplines and industries. During the last years, the GerBI-GMB community participated actively. Multiple microscopy facilities opened their doors for the public and showed the [...]

GerBI Chat: Core facility finances in a nutshell


Core facilities (CF) at research institutions grant access to sophisticated technologies and equipment to the scientists. Shared resources, managed and supervised by dedicated experts/staff members, lead to an overall improved research infrastructure. But new challenges need to be faced to run these CF´s in a sustainable and legal fashion. Within this GerBI chat, we will [...]

GerBI-GMB Core Facility Leadership and Management Course

Schloss Mickeln Alt Himmelgeist 25, Düsseldorf

Registration is closed. The next GerBI-GMB Core Facility Leadership and Management Course together with hfp consulting will take place from June 27.-30., 2022, as an in person event. The course lasts 4 full days, included in the course fee are a 5 nights stay at the venue, to allow for arrival the day before, and [...]

Ask the Experts – FLIM


We are happy to host Cornelia Wetzker and Mariano Gonzalez Pisfil as our FLIM experts in our latest edition of Ask the Experts! The Ask the Expert series is a free online event for GerBI and MaxBI members and their colleagues, core facility staff and users, … The format is completely open and encourages questions [...]

GerBI Chat: online teaching methods


Recent years have drawn us into a new era of teaching. Many aspects of microscopy, which have traditionally been taught hands-on, had to be transferred to students and users via online teaching. In this GerBI chat we will focus on practical aspects of and technical solutions for efficient online teaching or video content creation. The [...]


Albgut Altes Lager Hauptstraße 318, Münsingen

Participant registration for TiM2023 is currently closed. We already reached the limit of participants. There will probably be some fluctuation, so single spots might get available. You can add your e-mail-address to the waiting list here and be notified if a spot becomes available. Content General Information Timeline Invited speakers at TiM2023 Program Workshops Registration [...]

Ask the Experts – the perks of OMERO


we are happy to invite you to our next "Ask the Experts" on the perks of Omero organized by GerBI and MaxBI. The appointment is for April 25th at 3PM (for roughly 1.5h) via Zoom.   Our experts will be - Tom Boissonnet and Stefanie Weidtkamp-Peters - Heinrich-Heine University of Düsseldorf - Carsten Fortmann-Grote - [...]

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