GerBI-GMB Core Facility Leadership and Management Course 2024

Schloss Mickeln Alt Himmelgeist 25, Düsseldorf, Germany

Concept We are pleased to announce the 2024 Core Facility Leadership and Management Course by GerBI-GMB and hfp consulting. The concept of core facilities, central hubs for demanding technical and analytics services, is rapidly changing how science is carried out at many research institutions. Core facility managers, often academically trained scientists, find themselves in a [...]

4th Day of Intravital Microscopy

Intravital Imaging allows for the spatio-temporally resolved observation and quantification of cellular processes in homeostasis and in disease settings in the native tissue microenvironments at resolutions not achieved by other techniques. In order to accurately understand highly dynamic events in real time in disease settings such as cancer, metabolic, neurologic, immunological interactions, infectious diseases or [...]


Albgut Altes Lager Hauptstraße 318, Münsingen, Deutschland

Contents General Information Timeline Workshops Contact General information Interested in learning hands-on about the latest microscopy techniques? In the middle of the Swabian Alb together with scientific talks from distinguished guest speakers? Right on the pulse of the latest microscopy developments? All this is offered at our "Trends in Microscopy", the biennial conference of GerBI-GMB, [...]

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