Two-Photon Imaging Facility, Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Klinische Forschung, RWTH Aachen

Core Facility 40 user / year Usage Rules & Regulations

The Core Facility offers scientists of the RWTH Aachen University and also external user the opportunity to use the innovative microscopic method of multi-photon laser scanning microscopy (MPLSM). The Facility is equipped with two MPLSM Systems (Olympus FV1000MPE & Leica STELLARIS8 DIVE FALCON) and offers the possibility for in vitro, ex vivo, in situ imaging and in vivo experiments in small animals or isolated whole mount samples or 3D cell cultures. Two workstations and image processing software are available for data processing and analysis. The use of the Core Facility is regulated by an operating and usage concept and organized with the Agendo online booking software. In addition to the microscope systems, the facility provides an S1 laboratory with basic equipment for experimental work and sample preparation. The imaging is usually carried out by the staff together with the user. For projects with long-term use, the researchers are trained to operate the systems independen


  • FLIM (Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy)
  • Image Analysis
  • LSM - NLO, MP (Non Linear Optics, Multiphoton)
  • SHG (Second Harmonic Generation)
  • THG (Third Harmonic Generation)


RWTH Aachen

IZKF Aachen

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