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Recent years have drawn us into a new era of teaching. Many aspects of microscopy, which have traditionally been taught hands-on, had to be transferred to students and users via online teaching. In this GerBI chat we will focus on practical aspects of and technical solutions for efficient online teaching or video content creation.

The four moderators will first give a short overview of the settings they use to teach practical microscopy via online formats (e.g. for user trainings and student courses). After that, we will discuss with the community which solutions may be useful with regard to teaching content, available space, finances, etc.. Participants are invited to also share insight on their practices and equipment.

The items discussed during the chat are not only relevant for online teaching but will also give useful insights for anyone who needs to create online video content or document hands-on procedures in a video format.

The GerBI Chat is open for GerBI members, their lab and core facility staff and colleagues.

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