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The “Maus Türöffner Tag” is a yearly event on October 3rd organised by WDR (a German broadcasting channel, https://www.wdrmaus.de/extras/tueren_auf.php5). It allows kids of all ages to explore different work places from various disciplines and industries. During the last years, the GerBI-GMB community participated actively. Multiple microscopy facilities opened their doors for the public and showed the world of the microcosm.

If you ever thought about hosting an “Maus Türöffner Tag” event but did not know how to organise or what to show to kids, please join us for this upcoming GerBI-GMB Chat.

Planned topics for the discussion:

  • What it is – Introduction and registration to “Maus Türöffner Tag”
  • How to organise – Organisation / Administration
  • Experiments for kids – ideas and experiences

The event is open for all GerBI-GMB members.

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