Initiated by Susanne Kunis (CellNanOs), Stefanie Weidtkamp-Peters (CAi) and Astrid Strauss (CECAD), this group started its work in 2019 and deals with the topic of research data management for microscopy (RDM4mic). Presently the group has 41 members from different institutions (Contact: Susanne Kunis).

The meetings are about:

  • Strategies for image data management
  • Requirements and resources needed to set up a local image repository
  • Available software, tools, workflows and standards
  • Handling of change management

For further information, visit the RDM4mic website.

Meeting notes

4. Meeting Notes 09/10.07.2020


  • Train the Trainer Talk
  • Microscopy data management infrastructure of WWU-Münster
  • Minimum of standardized metadata (in progress, first draft)
Minimum set of metadata:

Organism: NCBITaxon, SIO:010000
Imaging Method: FBbi:00000222, BAO:0000452
Sample Condition/Type: FBbi:00000001
Experiment Condition (Imaging Type):
Staining: FBbi:00000415
Mounting: Tags: MI:0507, Dye: MI:0373
FP/Fluorophore: MI:0856
Cell line: CLO:0000001
Organism Part: EFO:0000635
Gene: OGG:0000000002
Treatment: MCO:0000866

3. Meeting Notes: 03/04.02.2020


  • Microscopy data management infrastructure of CECAD (Cologne)
  • Funding opportunities for research data management
  • How to define a data policy
  • Requirements to setup a local repository
  • Concepts for training

2. Meeting Notes: 23/24.09.2019


  • Microscopy data management infrastructure of iBiOs (Osnabrueck)
  • Datatypes and Workflows
  • “Structuring BioImaging Data for the Long-haul” (Josh Moore,OME)
  • NFDI / DFG

1. Meeting Notes: 13/14.06.2019


  • Latest news about OMERO, including data management topics (Josh Moore,OME)
  • NFDI
  • Microscopy data management infrastructure of CAi (Duesseldorf)
  • How to install OMERO
  • Strategies and development

Local hosted repositories for microscopy data

[For listing your image data management system please contact Susanne Kunis.]


Heinrich Heine University Duesseldorf:

Faculty/Facility: Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, CAi
Capacity (storage): 5TB
Hosted: local
Contact person: Stefanie Weidtkamp-Peters
Status: 11.2019

University of Osnabrueck

Faculty/Facility: Faculty of Biology, CellNanOs, iBiOs
Capacity (storage): 178 TB on Disk + 1.4 PB on Tape (HSM)
Hosted: local
Contact Person: Susanne Kunis
Status: 11.2019

University of Muenster

Faculty/Facility: Imaging Network / Cells in Motion Interfaculty Centre
Capacity (storage): 10 TB, flexible expandable via openstack (total storage for the university: 1.4 PB on HDDs + 8.7 TB on NVMes)
Hosted: local
Contact Person: Thomas Zobel
Status: 11.2019

University of Cologne

Faculty/Facility: Imaging Facility at CECAD – Cluster of Excellence
Capacity (storage): 30 TB
Hosted: local
Contact Person: Astrid Schauss, Peter Zentis
Status: 11.2019

Saarland University

Faculty/Facility: Center for Integrated Phyiology and Molecular Medicine (CIPMM)
Capacity (storage): 50 TB (Expandable Quobyte System)
Hosted: local
Contact Person: Gebhard Stopper, Timo Scheller
Status: 11.2019

University of Duisburg-Essen

Faculty/Facility: Center of Medical Biotechnology, ICCE
Capacity (storage): 10 TB
Hosted: local
Contact Person: Nina Schulze, Johannes Koch
Status: 11.2019

Header image: endoplasmic reticulum (green) and cell wall (blue) in a tobacco leaf, Zeiss LSM780, CAi, HHU