TiM2022: German BioImaging Spring School

General Information

"Trends in Microscopy" (TiM), the biennial conference of GerBI-GMB, alias GerBI-GMB Spring School, is an intense microscopy training camp offering hands-on workshops and scientific talks from distinguished guest speakers. The program also covers fundamentals of optics and practical sessions on image analysis.

Participants will reside at the conference site, a nicely renovated ancient military base immersed in the unspoiled landscape of the Biosphere Reserve Swabian Alb, for the whole week. TiM2022 addresses in particular Ph.D. students, Postdocs, and Core Facility members.

Please find further information and impressions here, or have a look at twitter (#TiM2020).


German BioImaging - Society for microscopy and image analysis welcomes proposals for scientific and educational workshops for TiM2022. Workshops are held by a team of two persons and must give participants a hands-on experience. Workshop providers can be both from academia and industry and can apply also as mixed teams. They are kindly requested to attend the whole duration of the school and will pay a reduced attendance fee. 

Workshops must have a strong training aspect and must address PhD students and Post-Docs. They are not intended for commercial purposes and should highlight special imaging techniques or experiments that, if possible, can be demonstrated on similar microscopes of different brands. Workshops on fundamentals of optics and image analysis are also highly welcome. Workshops can last between 2-4 hours and should be held 2-3 times during the event. Practical workshops are attended by 6-8 students, image analysis and software workshops could host up to 20 students.

Workshop providers must bring suitable samples. Cell culture and sample preparation facilities are available (S1 safety levels; no mice, worms, and flies; fish only as max 5 days old embryos; human/animal/plant cells, bacteria, yeast, algae, fungi).

Workshop providers can also bring their own microscopes or other imaging equipment that can potentially be utilized by other workshops. Alternatively, they can rely on the equipment available on-site that will be provided by the companies supporting the event and will be selected according to the workshop program. Workshop providers can also directly contact companies for the provision of suitable equipment. A list of contact persons at the company side responsible for TiM2022 equipment is available from the GerBI TiM2022 team (tim2022@gerbi-gmb.de). The venue can harbour (almost) all types of advanced light microscopes.

Application deadline is 31.07.2021. Workshop applications will be evaluated by the TiM2022 program advisory board. Successful applicants will be notified by October 2021.

In case of questions, don't hesitate to write to tim2022@gerbi-gmb.de.


Invited Speakers

Invited Speaker

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TiM2022 Münsingen




Registration will be opened on 30.10.2021, details will be found here. 


We are happy to welcome sponsors. Sponsoring options will be made available here in a few weeks. Contact us already (see below) if you are interested in sponsoring, we'll keep you up to date.


TiM2022 will take place at Albgut - Altes Lager in Münsingen on the Swabian Alb. Lectures and workshops will be held in the Württemberg Palais. Participants will be housed on-site in the renovated officers´ quarters (3 min walk).


Albgut-Altes Lager
Haupstrasse 318
72525 Münsingen

The main entrance is located in front of Gasthof Schützen.

How to get there?

By Public Transport:

  • Münsingen is served by the Swabian Alb Railway via Ulm
  • By Bus from Reutlingen Main Station with bus number 7606 or from Bad Urach with bus number X2

By Plane:

The closest Airport is Stuttgart Airport (STR). Münsingen is situated around 50 km from STR. www.bahn.de provides a search engine which can also be used to find specific train/bus connections from/to Stuttgart Airport to/from Münsingen.

Local Transport in Münsingen:

The bus stop in front of Albgut - Altes Lager is "Auingen, Biosphärenzentrum" (~3 km from Münsingen station) which is served by bus number 335.

By Car:

The navigation address is Hauptstrasse 318, 72525 Münsingen. The parking space "Biosphärenparkplatz" can be used by all guests of TiM2022. A map of the entire area is available on the web site of Albgut - Altes Lager.

Scientific Program Committee

We thank our scientific programm committee for their support of TiM2022!

  • Francesca Bottanelli, Freie Universität Berlin 
  • Christian Eggeling, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
  • Ulrike Endesfelder, University of Pittsburgh & Carnegie Mellon University
  • Maren Engelhardt, Johannes Kepler Universität Linz 
  • Jan Huisken, Morgridge Institute for Research in Madison/Wisconsin
  • Ralph Palmisano, Optical Imaging Center Erlangen



TiM2022 is organised by German BioImaging - Gesellschaft für Mikroskopie und Bildanalyse e.V..

Contact: tim2022@gerbi-gmb.de