Job Shadowing

Job Shadowing

The Job Shadowing initiative promotes visits of Core Facility staff members to other Core Facilities to learn more about:

  • Operation procedures of facilities
  • Teaching activities of Core Facilities
  • Specific imaging or image processing techniques

In 2014, a first Job Shadowing call for hosts was launched. Between 2014 and 2016, 18 scientists visited another core facility within the GerBI Job Shadowing initiative.


1st Call Job Shadowing 2016

Collaboration with NEUBIAS

GerBI-GMB is happy to offer also travel grants complementary to the short term scientific missions (STSMs) supported by the Network of European Bioimage Analysts (NEUBIAS). Scientists with an approved STSM, who want to extend their visit to learn more about and apply the imaging methods pertinent to their STSM project are highly welcome to inquire with GerBI-GMB for a travel allowance in the frame of our Job Shadowing initiative.


If you would like to visit a Core Facility within the GerBI-GMB Job Shadowing Initiative, please fill in the