The GerBI-GMB Core Facilities & Research Groups

Name of FacilityFull name of FacilityCityTypeWebsiteUsage Rules & Regulations
BioDIP LMF CMCBCMCB Light Microscopy FacilityDresdenCore Facility
BioDIP DZNE Imaging PlatformLight Microscopy Facility of the DZNE DresdenDresdenCore Facility
EMBL ALMFAdvanced Light Microscopy Facility (ALMF), EMBLHeidelbergCore Facility
BioOptics FacilityBioOptics Facility, MPI for Biology TübingenTübingenCore Facility
BICBioimaging Center University of KonstanzKonstanzCore Facility
BioDIP LMF MPI-CBG DresdenLight Microscopy Facility at the Max-Planck Institue of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, DresdenDresdenCore Facility
BioDIP-CFCICore Facility Cellular ImagingDresdenCore Facility
LICLife Imaging CenterFreiburg im BreisgauCore Facility
CIGL / ILH Multiscale Imaging PlatformMultiscale Imaging Platform at the Center for Infections and Genomics of the Lung (CIGL)GiessenCore Facility