Online courses Microscopy & Image Analysis


Microscopy in general

The microcourses

iBiology Microscopy

The comprehensive online microscopy course "MyScope" by Microscopy Australia:

Microscopy Basics

Light Microscopy


The following Imaging Core Facilities share their teaching material online:


Live cell Imaging Facility, Karolinska Institutet - Bionut, Stockholm:

BioImaging and Optics Core Facility, EPFL Lausanne:

Bioimaging Facility, Institute of Science and Technology Austria, Klosterneuburg:

Core Facility Cell Imaging und Ultrastrukturforschung der Universität Wien

Online courses in GERMAN: "Lichtmikroskopie online - Theorie und Anwendung"

(also available as Pdf download)


Collection of materials:

The Microlist provides a general collection of useful websites and tools.

Find here a similar list provided by The Royal Microscopy Society (RMS).


Company Support:

  • Temporarily available software licenses:

SVI: Huygens trial license

Leica: LAS X free offline license 90 days

Zeiss: ZEN free offline license 90 days

OxfordInstruments: Imaris satellite licences


  • Web-based company services:

SVI: Web based deconvolution freely available via SVI-HRM server.

Molecular Probes / Thermo Fisher Scientific: School of Fluorescence

Photometrics: Remote learning seminars

Aurox: recorded lectures of Aurox virtual conference on Microscopy (added 14th April 2020)


  • Upcoming webinars:

PicoQuant: Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy & other topics

SVI: Deconvolution etc. Youtube channel

Arivis: free webinar series, every Thursday, 3 pm

Nanosurf: Videos and Webinars

Ibidi: Webinars

Leica: Get closer to the TRUTH: STELLARIS - Confocal Re-Imagined, Webinar, May 13, 5pm

Zeiss: Advancements in Fast and Gentle Superresolution Imaging using Zeiss LSM 980 with Airyscan 2, Webinar, May 20, 10am

PlaneLight: Webinar-360° capture of large samples: the hot SPOT of isotropic imaging, Webinar, May 21, 11am & 6pm

Abberior: Webinar on June 4: STEDYCON new features: Multipositioning and Tiling & Image analysis with Huygens

  • Upcomming meetings

RDS: A Virtual ight Microscopy Facility Meeting to establish safe working practices in the COVID-19 era, Online-Meeting, May 13

Image analysis

Training in Bioimage analysis

Online courses and webinars:

The NEUBIAS Academy @Home

EPFL Image processing and Analysis for Life Scientists, course, September 16


Fiji tutorials

Robert Haase's "Applied Bio-Image Analysis lecture" at Biotec Dresden on Youtube

Dave Mason's Fiji online course


Other tutorials

QuPath, an open powerful, software platform for whole slide image analysis, Intro in their youtube channel