Upcoming online courses, seminars & discussions


Core Facility Leadership and Management Course by GERBI-GMB and HFP Consulting 2020 22 September - 9 October 2020 (8 half-day sessions)

Imaging ONE World, discussion forum on imaging and imaging analysis, Zoom-Meeting, Mondays, 1 pm, #imagingONEWORLD


Andor: Microscopy School, starts on September 9 with "The History of Microscopy", 12 lessons in total,  overview lessons

Leica: Dynamic molecular imaging insights for structural biology online seminar, September 16 at 5 pm

Leica: Stellaris live online workshop, September 17, 24 or 29; October 14 at 3:30pm

Sartorius: Live-Cell imaging and Analysis in Immune Cell Killing, Subpopulation Identification and 3D Cell Models, Online-seminar,  September 29, 11 am

Image analysis

EPFL Image processing and Analysis for Life Scientists, course, September 16

Arivis: free webinar series, every Thursday, 3 pm

Imaris: How to analyse your data using interactive Vantage plots in Imaris, webinar, September 24, 5pm

Imaris: How to combine various Imaris models to analyse your data efficiently, webinar, October 8, 5pm

Imaris: How to use machine learning and other object classification modes in Imaris, webinar, October 15, 5pm

Imaris: How to write your own Imaris XTension-session with Imaris developer, webinar, October 29, 5pm