Upcoming online courses, seminars & discussions


RMS: Virtual Facility Managers Training Course 2021, Januara 18-21, Course

Imaging ONE World, lectures and discussion forum on imaging and imaging analysis, Zoom-Meeting, Mondays, 1 pm, #imagingONEWORLD, supported by RMS, recorded lectures available at  University of Cambridge


Andor: Microscopy School, starts on September 9 with "The History of Microscopy", 12 lessons in total,  overview lessons

Olympus: Ask the Experts: Microscope Objectives – Where the Magic Happens, Webinar, January 14, 4pm

Zeiss: Webinar Series on Microscopy Solutions - Learn more about trends and technologies in microscopy, January 13 (2021), January 27 (2021)


Image analysis

Arivis: free webinar series, every Thursday, 3pm

Neubias: Image big data series

  • Image Big Data I: Visualisation, File Formats&Processing in Fiji, January 14, 3:30pm CET, online-seminar
  • Image Big Data II: Registration & Stiching (TBC), January 14, 3:30pm CET
  • Image Big Data III: Analysis (TBC), January 26, 3:30pm CET
  • Image Big Data IV: Visualisation, Sharing and Annotation "in the Cloud" (TBC), February 3, 3:30pm CET
  • Image Big Data V: Really Big Data (TBC), February 9, 3:30pm CET