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iBiology Microscopy

Online microscopy course "MyScope" by Microscopy Australia: Microscopy Basics

Online microscopy course "MyScope" by Microscopy Australia: Light Microscopy

Online teaching materials by Core Facilities

Live cell Imaging Facility, Karolinska Institutet - Bionut, Stockholm:


BioImaging and Optics Core Facility, EPFL Lausanne:


Bioimaging Facility, Institute of Science and Technology Austria, Klosterneuburg:


Core Facility Cell Imaging und Ultrastrukturforschung der Universität Wien

Online courses in GERMAN: "Lichtmikroskopie online - Theorie und Anwendung"

(also available as Pdf download)

Online teaching materials by companies

Abbelight: (recorded) Webinars

Abberior: Microscopy tutorials on superresolution

Aurox: recorded lectures of Aurox virtual conference on Microscopy (added 14th April 2020)

Ibidi: Webinars

Molecular Probes / Thermo Fisher Scientific: School of Fluorescence

Nanosurf: Videos and Webinars

Photometrics: Remote learning seminars

Phasics: webinar series covering Phasics unique wavefront sensing technology and applications for laser, optics, and material metrology

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The Microlist provides a general collection of useful websites and tools.

Find here a similar list provided by The Royal Microscopy Society (RMS).