Microscopy Tips & Tricks

How to measure a Point Spread Function (PSF)

  • Nico Stuurman shows us the technique of measuring a point spread function – how to prepare a bead slide and image the beads in a microscope to obtain its point spread function.

How to Clean Objective Lenses and Filters

  • It is important to know how to clean objective lenses because dirt and residue on the surface of objective lenses and filters can degrade image quality. This tip describes how to inspect lenses and filters for dirt and how to clean them properly with solvent so that these expensive components will not be damaged in the process.

How to Focus: The Focal Plane

How to Set Up Koehler Illumination

How to do live cell imaging

How to minimize photobleaching and phototoxicity

How to: Camera Calibration

  • In this video about camera calibration, Nico Stuurman shows you how to measure a camera dark image, calculate the readout noise, estimate the dark current, get a camera flat field image using a plastic cup and a cell phone screen, and estimate the photon conversion factor and full well capacity by measuring a photon transfer curve.

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