Institutional Membership

Institutional Membership

Institutional membership: 1000 €

Membership for universities and research institutions (as legal entities under public law): Up to 12 persons of the institute can enjoy all benefits of an individual membership, except voting on the general assembly of the society. Institutional members have 1 vote.

Membership benefits for Institutes:

  • Pay 10, get 2 for free
    12 members of the institute can enjoy the benefits of the GerBI-GMB membership for 1000 € instead of 1200 €.

Join and 12 members of your institute will enjoy:

  • Reduced conference fee for TiM and the Core Facility Managers Meeting.
  • Inclusion on the GerBI-GMB mailing list.
  • Listing of your research group or core facility on the website of the Society.
  • Participation in the GerBI-GMB workgoups.
  • Subsided participation in training activities.
  • Access to the restricted area of the GerBI-GMB web site.

How to join

Submit you membership application now via email (signed), fax or post to the GerBI office!

Download your application form (pdf):