Image Analysis Resources

Community support by companies

SVI: Huygens trial license

OxfordInstruments: Imaris satellite licences

SVI: Web based deconvolution freely available via SVI-HRM server

Leica: LAS X free offline license 90 days

Zeiss: ZEN free offline license 90 days

Online teaching materials by scientific community

The NEUBIAS Academy @Home

Robert Haase's "Applied Bio-Image Analysis lecture" at Biotec Dresden on Youtube

Dave Mason's Fiji online course

QuPath, an open powerful, software platform for whole slide image analysis, Intro in their youtube channel

Online teaching materials by companies

SVI: Deconvolution etc. Youtube channel

Imaris: recorded Imaris Homeschool webinar series

Mountains: Webinar, Best practices for 3D reconstruction of 2D SEM images

Zeiss: Zen knowledge base with tutorials for image analysis and processing. ZEISS Experts walk you through image acquisition as well as image analysis workflows and tutorials for python scripting (from basic to advanced in 72 video tutorials).

Additional Links

The Microlist provides a general collection of useful websites and tools.

Find here a similar list provided by The Royal Microscopy Society (RMS).

Quarep - Quality Assesment and Reproducibility for Intruments & Images in Light Microscopy - A community with the aim to improve quality assessment and quality control in light microscopy