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WG Image Data Analysis and Management

History of the Workgroup

This Workgroup was one of the first founded by the German BioImaging network in 2012 with the name "Image Analysis". It published a survey to find out the image analysis needs of users and developers in 2013, and provided an overview on the most common image analysis software packages.

After the end of the German BioImaging Network in 2018, the workgroup was continued within the German BioImaging society, and in 2019 renamed in "Image Data Analysis and Management".

Image Analysis

Workgroup members have compiled a list with selected image analysis software packages which provides a short application overview and example tasks.

Within the GerBI-GMB Rent-the-trainer program, members can ask for support for image analysis training.

Image Data Management

Image Data Management has become another main focus of the workgroup in 2019.

Representatives of German BioImaging participated in the first Nationale Forschungsdaten Infrastrukutur (NFDI, National Research Data Infrastructure) conference organized by the German Research Foundation and submitted together with the Medical Photonics consortium a joint Letter of Intent to the NFDI.

Members of the Workgroup are currently compiling information on Image and related Data Management.

The RDM4mic activity group has been strongly supported by this working group for over a year.


Workgroup members

  • Susanne Kunis (speaker)
  • Stefan Helfrich
  • Felix Bestvater
  • Robert Haase
  • Christian Hoischen
  • Gabor Horvath
  • Anna Klemm
  • Oliver Kobler
  • Kota Miura
  • Josh Moore
  • Jan Peychl
  • Laure Plantard
  • Olaf Selchow
  • Anje Sporbert
  • Nadine Utz
  • Antonio Virgilio Failla
  • Ulrike Boehm
  • Thomas Zobel