About 40 scientists from a variety of scientific fields, including members of imaging core facilities, actively working in the field of intravital microscopy as well as multiple industry representatives gathered for an intensive exchange on the practical and technological aspects of intravital microscopy on November 25-26, 2019 at the University of Marburg.

After a very successful and well received pilot meeting in Dresden 2018, the workgroup Intravital Microscopy of German BioImaging – Gesellschaft für Mikroskopie und Bildanalyse (GerBI-GMB) organized a follow-up conference. The 2-day meeting took place at the Center for Tumor Biology and Immunology (ZTI) at the Phillips-Universität Marburg and was hosted by the Core Facility “Zelluläre Bildgebung” lead by Katrin Roth at the ZTI.

The organizing committee reiterated the established format of a balanced mixture between informative scientific talks and interactive round table discussions, allowing for a constructive and creative discussion of ideas, problems and concepts. Participant feedback from last year could be strongly implemented: time for hands-on discussions during the round tables and time for discussions and networking during coffee breaks and dinner was significantly increased this year. Complementary to the practical exchange during the round tables, 5 speakers delivered excellent talks on their scientific results in the fields of immunology, pulmonology and cancer research.

On the evening of November 25th there was an interactive poster session in which the industry representatives were also incorporated. The overall atmosphere throughout the meeting was friendly and welcoming. Personal and very constructive feedback as well as new ideas could be collected and will be translated into next year’s program as well as into projects of the workgroup Intravital Microscopy.

The organizing committee wants to thank all participants for their active role during the meeting, their contribution to the constructive and creative atmosphere, and their strict commitment to the timetable. We also want to thank our industry sponsors arivis, Bitplane (Andor), Femtonics, Hugo Sachs and Miltenyi Biotec for financial support and gratefully appreciate the administrative support of Nadine Utz from the GerBI-GMB coordination office. We sincerely hope to see all of you again next year!

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